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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 7, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live at the clark county election headquarters. >> this is where all of the magic happens, we can't take you inside live, but i can tell you it is like a well-oiled machine. we all know this campaign season has been a little bit rough. we're going over some of the rules. first, we're going to take you over to unlv. we were where they were talking about the final push to get the vote out. she hit the busiest walkway on campus. she's trying to get them to the polls. there's nearly 300 polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. no selfies in the polling station, no buttons and t-shirts
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political parties or candidates. picture id not required. it is helpful. voting is a sacred privilege for all americans. we talked to unlv history professor michael green. >> people literally have died for this right. people have gone to prison for this right. there are people in other countries who go to prison when they try to exercise that right. >> have a good day. >> the more you can do to make sure the process is clean the better you're doing citizen. >> remember, you can only go to your designated polling location tomorrow, we have all of those locations on a banner on a website. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, that means, you have to be in line by 7:00 sharp. 7:01, 7:02, too late. >> make sure you're in line by 7:00. those are the state rules we're talking about. kelsey thomas, news 3.
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tomorrow. >> a federal judge is looking into allegations of voter intimidation by a trump supporter here in clark county, a judge ruled there was no evidence of intimidation. democrats are asking the judge to issue a restraining order. metro police say officers will be patrolling locations. they asked interfere with those voting. >> these monitors by the department of justice will be at mineral county. local officials have the first responsibility to respond to any issues of violence or intimidation at our polling locations. >> while nevada is a big battle ground state. the candidates are focusing their efforts out east.
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direction. >> hillary clinton began her last day push in pennsylvania. i want to be the president for all americans, not just some. >> she leads by 4% nationally in our new poll and will not be prosecuted for our e-mails, no change after the fbi reassessment. >> donald trump raged. hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. >> but outside a swing county in a battle ground state. kim crab decided. >> i kept saying i wasn't going to vote. i think i will probably end up voting for hillary, because i feel like she's the lesser of two evils. >> to me she is way more flawed than he is. >> between events in pennsylvania today. clinton goes to michigan.
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started today. >> i'm not only a politician, my only special interest is you. president obama went to ann arbor to prevent a surprise. >> the good news is you are uniquely qualified to make sure he does not get the job. >> more republicans early voted in georgia and arizona. more democrats in critical florida and nevada, but in pennsylvania where crews got ready for the rally tonight. there's almost no early >> to motivate democrats to turn out tomorrow, hillary and bill clinton. barack and michelle obama hold a rally and a concert here at independence hall tonight. nbc news, philadelphia. >> thank you, steve. >> we hope you tune in to news 3 at our special election coverage. we will bring you up to the minute results and expert analysis as well as our crews
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throughout the valley. >> if you can't make it to a tv screen, you can watch live on facebook and on twitter all night long. visit our facebook fan page or follow us on twitter to watch from your smartphone. >> two adults are forced from their home because of a fire. it started just after 11:00 a.m. at an apartment complex on stewart avenue near lamb boulevard. they say the fire happened in the bedroom of the apartment and extended through the win upstairs. >> the fire was so hot that it melted power meters on the outside of the building. the red cross is helping the two people who were forced out. >> a local homeowner ends up stabbing a man breaking into his place. >> it happened sunday night of charleston and maryland. joining us live from where the attempted robbery happened. antonio. >> police say the home invader left with nothing but a stab wound.
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night. this broken window right over here shows where the home invader got into it. this is the homeowner who was inside. tell us firsthand here live on news 3 what happened. >> at first, i was like sleeping in a bedroom, and i heard like a noise, like glass breaking and a lot of noise, and then i stayed in the bedroom, i stayed there like 10 or 20 minutes, because i was like afraid, i didn't see who it was. >> what was your reaction when you saw a man in your kitchen. >> i only saw when he tried to get in the bedroom. >> so what did you grab? >> you grabbed a knife, where did you stab him? >> i stabbed him in the chest.
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>> he is the man who is right here inside this home. he confronted a home invader. he doesn't have much of a description, but if anyone has any information on this attempted home invasion, you're asked to call crime stoppers. reporting live news 3. thanks so much. >> two men are recovering after they were shot on a pedestrian bridge at >> police say a fight broke out. officials say the suspect then pulled out a gun and shot once hitting both victims. a california man will spend the next eight years behind bars. jamie robinson jr. was septembered today in a local
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tyvone mills at an apartment complex last year. >> robinson met mills and another teen, but that led to a confrontation to where robinson shot and killed mills. >> i didn't think this would go that far or anything like that. if i could take it back, i would. i have dreams about this all of the time. >> the victim's family was also at the courtroom for the sentencing. you'll hear from them coming up on news 3 live >> closed for several hours last night after a pedestrian was struck and killed. the incident happened around 11:30. the victim, a 25-year-old woman went into the roadway and was hit by a semi. the driver of the truck did not remain at the scene. >> a child's health is one of the most important things a parent can guard and take care of. >> one mother is so upset after
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luncheon. near record breaking high temperatures are the in forecast
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with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington. it's why we can't afford tarkanian in congress, ever.
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>> welcome back. more violence to tell you how a police officer in kansas is shot
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with the robbery suspect. >> like the officer, the suspect is expected to survive. >> a man who lived in the area said it was quite a scene. >> police all over and up and down the block. i don't know how many, quite a few of them. they told us we need to get back inside. >> a second robbery suspect was arrested. the 28-year-old faces multiple charges. >> no parent wants to find mold in t but that's what one mother discovered when she opened her kids school lunches. >> i saw something floating in it. >> her 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter grace arrived home from pineville elementary friday, the way they always do, holding their sack
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>> that's the one my six-year-old daughter almost drank and it has got the expiration date right there. >> this time it was moldy apple us >> one box had expired on the 4th. the same day it was sent home with her son. the second box october 28th. six days before it was given to her children. >> somebody needs to answer for this. >> somebody needs to take district and the superintendent. >> the superintendent did say that she was not aware of the incident and that she ends up investigating it thoroughly on monday. >> at least have your kids look at their drinks. >> she hopes to see the nutrition department investigated, because she hates to think what could happen.
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i >> the distributor of the juice saying the sell by date is a reliable guideline. the company says it is working with the school to figure out what happened. >> a lot of times you associate texas and oklahoma with tornado, right? cleaning up after an earthquake. city officials say multiple buildings had quite a bit of damage. power was knocked off across the city for about two hours. gas leaks occurred, but crews were quickly able to contain those. >> i think our emergency management folks managed the situation very well. the crisis over rather than just
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>> people are remembering janet reno, the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general. she died today after a long battle with parkinson's disease. during her eight years in office, crime dropped steadily. the drug courts and programs to keep young people offer the streets. a police chase ended in a violent cr several vehicles. >> it spanned freeways and regular streets. the suspect was taken into custody, police say that he was driving a stolen car and may have been armed with a gun. it is not clear if anyone was injured in that crash. >> a gunman who opened fire three years ago is going to prison for the rest of his life. to avoid the death penalty, he pled guilty to all 11 charges.
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security agent and injuring three others. that man targeted tsa officers because he was angry about airline security measures. news 3 is your weather authority and we're enjoying very, very nice temperatures outside. >> i burned the tacos at my house last night and just open the doors to the windows. >> it feels great outside. it is like a gift the sunshine is just great outside. look at that. beautiful weather outside right now. >> clear skies and actually near record breaking high temperatures. our current record is at 84 degrees set in 2007. you can see we're pretty close to that. a look at your preliminary highs. temperatures currently at 82 degrees. the upper 70s for spring valley
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where temperatures are currently in the mid-70s right now. a mixture of 70s and 80s across the las vegas valley. winds are generally light. high pressure is in charge this week. our temperatures up significantly over the next several days. 80 degrees near lake mead. upper 70s for boulder city. for the rest of the evening in las vegas, expect tem you're driving home tonight. 9:00, dipping into the 60s. the west coast is fairly toasty, like i talked about a second ago, high pressure is in charge. we'll gradually weaken through the course of the week, it is keeping up our numbers up significantly. overall, we're going to see very dry conditions all across southern nevada. a few high clouds and that's pretty much all we're going to see for the course of the week.
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be as cool as last night. when really we should be in the 50s this time of year. >> regionally 65 degrees. 39 degrees on the mountain highs. 85 for lake mead. 80s for boulder city. 85 for overton. our high temperature tomorrow will be two degrees off the record which is currently 83 degrees set in the 1950s. tomorrow. temperatures significantly above normal for this time of year. when it is starting to feel like fall, well, our temperatures just don't match up right now. as the week goes on, we'll see a gradual cooling trend. >> 80s will continue well above normal, like i said, through wednesday, after that, oh, so gradual, you probably won't even notice it.
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stay out in the rain. >> the mannequin challenge is popping up everywhere. >> good afternoon, i'm dana wagner, a nascar driver in trouble for going too fast. we'll show it to you next in the
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dunlap: over two thousand police officers from all across nevada supporort question 1. i'm one of them. i support question 1 because it will help save lives. haley: question 1 protects gun rights and does something urgently needed: it closes the background check loophole and keeps guns out of dangerous hands. states that have closed the loophole have seen fewer police officers shot and killed in the line of duty. it won't end all gun violence, but it will save lives.
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars.
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in t the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers
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>> it is the skit from "saturday night live", they are still talking about it on monday. they were lampooning donald trump and hillary clinton when this happened. >> to make sure that she never -- >> >> i'm sorry, kate, i just hate yelling all of this stuff at you like this. >> i know, right. >> this whole election has been so mean. you know what i think can help us. let's get out of here. >> what? >> where would we go? >> you'll see. [cheers]
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join hands and run through time square. at one point you see donald trump hugging minorities in the crowd. kate mckinnon hugging somebody who has the make america great again hats on. i doubt we'll see this for real, but it was funny saturday night. earnhardt pulled over for speeding while driving to the his fiance posted a picture on twitter of a police officer writing out a warning. he didn't get a ticket, but he did get a warning there. >> a dog spa in minneapolis selling election theme poo bags. you can read for yourself what the poo bags are named. the owner says they aren't
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which candidate's poo bags are selling better. >> yes, it has come to that. >> the new internet craze called the mannequin challenge. >> people freezing where they stand for an extended period of time. a frozen group posse that extends across virtually the entire campus. some celebrities are joining in. even the pittsburgh steelers mannequined it up in their locker rooms. >> a high school student with a touchdown that he will never forget. >> how two schools tame together to make a parent and a student's dream come true. >> how they are trying to bland the holiday shopping season as
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? ? lookin' out on the morning rain ? ? i used to feel so uninspired ? ? and when i knew i had to face another day ? ? lord, it made me feel so tired ? ? before the day i met you, life was so unkind ? ? you're the key to my piece of mind ?
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ly. boob job is terrible. she's a slob. lips are too big, solid 4. disgusting pig. flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. i moved on her like a b****. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying. he'd rather you forget about all of his failed runs for congress, senate, and secretary of state. ...and the shady record that killed his chances every time. the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up.
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>> the final push. the last minute message for voters who are still on the fence today. >> did a father intentionally leave his son in a hot car. >> how a facebook post about a recipe landed a wom serious hot water. >> news 3 starts right now. >> we start with decision 2016. we're down to the final 24 hours of campaigning for hillary clinton and donald trump. signs point to a possible nail biter. >> a final push for the candidates. >> we're in new york city, becauses this where both candidates will be tomorrow night. if things go smoothly, we'll
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ourselves. we have a frantic 24 hours ahead. it is five states in one day for donald trump. trying to break down walls in areas that republicans have had a hard time. it is critical to his map that he turn a few. >> we are going to win the great state of florida. >> while clinton making a handful of stops herself, fresh off the heels of the fbi determination that there's enough to pursue criminal charges. she's got the president as her top surrogate. >> both candidates going right up to midnight with the 11:00 and 11:45 rallies. >> vote for your families, vote for your futures. >> just to give you an example of how close this race could be in the swing state of florida. 6.1 million people have already


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